The idea of PureOlogy was to create an entire range of shampoos, conditioners, leave-in treatments and styling products that work together to maintain the health and vibrancy of hair colour between professional colour services. 

As a result, Markham created products that contain sulfate-free formulas (sodium chloride is known for stripping colour from the hair, causing increased oxidation hair colour fading and damage) and an Antifade Complex - a new proprietary ingredient technology of sunscreens and potent antioxidants that function as free radical inhibitors to minimize oxidation, prevent damage and fading from UVA/UVB rays and maximize colour retention.



Redken was founded in 1960 by hairdresser/chemist Jheri Redding and actress/model Paula Kent, thus the name, "Red-ken".

Kent was extra sensitive to many of the products used by hairdressers and make-up artists of the day, when frequent chenical sercices and style changes were routine for women of her profession.  Redken Labs was born, and three products were created to better server clients.